Thursday, February 10, 2011

Asian Men/Black Women relationships

I think somehow people think I am so caught up in Asian culture and Asian people, that I forget that I am an African; certainly not, I am clearly very aware of the fact that I am an African, and I love my ethnicity; wouldn't change it for the world.

I was watching the Tenchi JK video I posted yesterday, and on the sidebar there were a lot of either related videos or videos with similar topics, and among them I found the cutest black woman discussing how she had met her Japanese husband.

One thing which really had me dazed apart from the fact that I thought he was quite a good catch, was when she mentioned that he had taught himself how to braid hair just so he could help take care of hers. I just thought "What??? Where in the world do you find that these days?"

I have heard a story about a European guy who had adopted an African daughter and had taught himself to braid so he could take care of her hair and I just found that adorable, and this is also beyond my words.

So here's the cute video... although if you are interested in finding more videos from the same person, just follow the video to youtube.

Chika x x x