Friday, February 4, 2011

Annoying eyelash!

So yesterday I spent an entire hour in front of the bathroom mirror trying to get this annoying eyelash (if not two; seemed like two at least) to get out of my damn  eye. It was so annoying as I kept pulling and poking my eyelid, hoping that it (or they) would eventually just get out of my eye. The more I poked, the less it seemed to be working and the more my eye suffered soreness and irritation.

Although I was not planning to give in no matter how stubborn these eyelashes seemed to be, I decided to go to bed after a while of not being able to feel my legs anymore, as I had been standing up against the mirror for a really long time. At first it was hard trying to fall asleep because I could feel something poking behind my eyelid, but I did eventually fall asleep.

Once I woke up in the morning, it was gone thankfully. I guess I could have reached the conclusion of falling asleep a bit earlier than what I had decided to to in the end, but at least I woke up not having to walk around with something annoying me all day.

Chika x x x