Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amazingly gorgeous shoes that I can't wear =(

A few days ago I ordered some really, really nice sneakers from Korea. They were sooo coool and I couldn't wait for their arrival. I had anticipated them for a whole week, but unfortunately since I am new to the whole shoe system thing and the fact that shoe sizes are measured differently in most countries, I obviously went and misunderstood the Korean shoe size system. 

I was soooo sure that I had made the correct selection =(, obviously not, because when my shoes arrived in the mail (and after I had been jumping up and down really long, and finally decided to open the box, with a lot of help from my friend) and I tried them on they were just tooooooo big :( .... so that's my awkward moment... When I order shoes from the net (not understanding the shoe size system) and they arrive in the post, too big for me to wear. Bummer. 

Good thing that my little brother has bigger feet than me (and that the shoes are unisex), so I could give them to him instead. It pains that they don't even fit, and I'm not even that familiar with the return policy. I should perhaps go on the website and have another look, to see if I could get a shoe size smaller, and then I won't even have to give them away, although it would be a really good deed for me to give them up to someone else.  They are soooooo nice and only cost me about $20; I am truly heart broken that they did not fit.

I guess it teaches me to be more careful when ordering stuff; to make sure I do understand the sizes and perhaps also the policies; just in case, I will read to see if they do have any exchanging/returning policies.