Sunday, February 20, 2011

All natural baby

I must admit that when I first let my hair out and let it breathe for a while I was soooo happy and really satisfied with how much it had grown and the texture altogether, but then along the way I encountered certain things which I thought would be obstacles that would cause me to run back to extensions.... But Youtube is definitely a lifesaver. When I say one can find anything on there, I mean anyyyyythiiing.. Thank God for youtube. 

So, people who decide to go all natural don't have to think that an afro is all there is to having natural hair. There's just soooo much one can do with natural hair, and thanks to youtube I am now aware of that. I had forgotten twists, braids, curls etc and all I could think about was how to straighten my hair when it got more difficult to deal with just so it could get out of the way. But nooooo more wondering about what to do with it. 

Thanks to a few tutorials on youtube I am now on my long road of achieving healthy, strong and natural hair. It's always cool to learn from people who have tried and failed, experimented and done loads of research on how to maintain natural hair, especially my type of hair. Although all hair types are different, there's always a need to take extra good care of it and not be careless in order for it to grow. 

Looking back I always used to think that African Americans must be on some next level, but then all it really takes to get hair to look healthy and strong is to maintain it properly. The best way is actually natural ingredients with no alcohol in it. 

Today I made sure to wake up really early and go to purchase hair products in town so I could start my hair process. 

The shopping list looked a little something like this:
1. Hair Glycerin 

2. Eco styler styling gel - olive oil

3. Wide tooth comb

4. Small comb 

5. Hair bands

6. Shea butter hair conditioner

7. Spray bottle   ( to mix contents in)

8. Hair clamps   

Although I was not able to get the Eco styler hair gel, I quickly ordered it online once I got home. I guess online orders are the only rescue when you can't seem to find what you need within close range. :P 

So, here's to Natural hair! :)