Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why is the natural something people reject?

I have recently been loving the fact that I decided to let my hair breathe, and by that I mean no itchy extensions, just my natural hair. Yes, most of the time I walk around with extensions and it is pretty exhausting at times. Although I am not attempting to make black women look bad, most of the black, female celebrities we see in Hollywood wear extensions.

Why do I receive questions such as "What happened to your hair?" or statements like "I liked your other hairstyle" a bit often. Get used to it honey, because that other hairstyle you were referring to was fake. This is the real me and I'm loving it. 

Suppose society were used to European women rejecting their own hair in favour of afro wigs; I'm sure that if  European women wore afro wigs only and that is all society was used to then they would certainly receive questions like "What happened to your hair?" once they decided to go natural. 

Because society is so used to seeing most black women with long, sleek, hair (I'm not saying that most Africans don't have that type of hair naturally), they automatically think it's their natural hair and therefore when these black women if they ever do decide to go natural it becomes a little bit of a problem.

Whether people like it or not or accept it or not, my hair will always be my hair. The perception of an afro being "nappy" is because of the lack of knowledge. Afro hair is one type of the many hair types which exits in this world. It is not unusual because it is hair!

Women only reject their natural hair because the society already has made them form an opinion about their own. Black is usually associated with dirt or even slavery and therefore people go mad over skin lightening products to avoid looking "dirty" and an afro is usually associated with untidiness and is seen as hair which is difficult to maintain. An afro is not something which a lot of black girls desire in today's society and most of it is as a result of the influence of society and media. 

Why do people accept whatever the media or society presents as acceptable? Why do people refuse to think for themselves and make their own decisions? Only a few people are brave enough to be an individual whilst the remaining decide that anything opposite of what society has stated is right, must under no circumstance be wrong.

I have stated it before and will do so again. I don't put extensions in my hair so I can appear or feel more European. My reasons for putting extensions in my hair are far from that, but is however viewed by most as an attempt to become accepted by society or as seeking approval from Europeans.

There is nevertheless no denial that society creates a desire in people to be accepted by the people around them. If everyone else is following a certain trend it is hard for an individual to pick up courage to stand out in fear of being ridiculed or made fun of. Society often urges us to reject ourselves in order to live up to its standards, hence the existence of make-up, extensions, surgical operations etc. 

And who do I choose to be? Me!

Chika x x x