Saturday, January 15, 2011

When are you "different" and when are you trying too hard?

I really like creativity and when I set eyes on something I either have not seen before or might have not thought of before I get really thrilled; like when I see most Asian people's dress sense, it sort of makes me really jumpy as I rarely see "quirky" people or people who deviate from the "norm".  

At my University we have a Art's Institute and when I visited it felt like I was in a whole different world; everyone was just different, but in a very good way. Everything from their dress sense to the way they behaved just made me feel like I wanted to stay. 

As I am a very creative person myself (well, when I have the time to be), I usually dress the way I feel obviously, but try to be creative about it, that way I never run out of things to wear, because I just mix and match. Never mind if the same clothes appear again. I'm not one to wear things once, and that will never change, not even if I become a billionaire overnight. 

Usually everyone wants to dress the same as everyone else and everyone cares so much whether or not they look like the girls in the magazines they purchase or not. But at the same time it's nice that only a few people dare to be different, because if it were all people we'd have the issue of people looking the same again. 

When Gossip Girl first came out I used to be in love with the show because I'd never seen people dress that way. I'd always been used to girls dressing in anything but uniforms in Norway and therefore I was very excited because I myself had always wanted to wear uniforms, but there was no such system in my school and therefore we were forced to wear our own clothes, even though a lot of people said I was quite lucky because they too wanted to wear their own clothes. However, if school uniforms were as fancy as those on Gossip girl and one could do whatever one wanted to them to make it more "them" then I'm sure they would not be complaining.

When talking about being "different" I don't mean exaggerating or going overboard simply because one wants to stand out, but just daring to be one's self despite what others might think or have as an opinion. Is it not exhausting to try being something one is not or simply trying too hard? 

I identified with Mia's character from Princess Diaries simply because she was different and not because she was trying so hard to fit in. I really like quirky people, I feel they make better friends than "popular" ones, because whilst popular people are struggling to maintain their "perfect" image, quirky people don't have to keep up with the trend because they already deviate from it.

Who am I? 

I'm the girl who never seemed to fit; the girl who at first tried, but realized it was better not fitting in because at least I did not have to struggle with being something I was not.

Chika x x x