Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thirty+ things about me

There's a storm of lists going through the blogger community and since I'm such a fan of  "things about me" lists or "things I would like to do" lists I figured I'd totally make one myself, so here it is. 

1. I looove writing and hope to publish some of my work in the near future.

2. I always have really weird dreams, and sometimes stuff I dream about happens later on.

3. I don't really like having conversations over the phone. They make me a bit uncomfortable sometimes, and if I do end up talking for long hours I must find you really special.

4. I tend to ignore my mobile phone if it's ringing and I don't feel like talking/or if I'm too tired (then I make up silly excuses for why I didn't pick up. However, sometimes I actually wasn't able to pick up because of one reason or another)

5. I love reading and the wonderful world of endless books. I have a little collection at home.

6. I used to like watching films until Korean dramas entered my life, so now I spend most of my time watching those instead. I do actually prefer them to Hollywood produced material.

7.  I find boys who read books very attractive for some reason :P

8. I prefer staying at home to going out partying

9. I'm not a the club kind of girl, but will often go only because of my friends (I guess at times I end up having fun after all)

10. I get ideas for songs from the most random things (like this once when I made a song after arguing with my cousin)

11.  I find Asian guys highly attractive

12. My ex-boyfriend is Korean

13. I love browsing through other blogs and getting to know other people who share the same interests as myself

14.  I can understand and read some Korean as well as say a few words.

15.  I love Asian foods, and food from all over the world. 

16. I once cooked a Korean dish for my family and they liked it

17.   I'm a fast touch typist (typing without looking at the keyboard) and can type 12,000 words in two hours. 100 words pr minute. However, because I slack I never made time to work on my novel.

18.  I loooove Popcorn ♥ 

19.  I like seafood  

20. I'm odd to those people who don't know me, but warm and quirky to those who do :P

21. Although I like being surrounded by people most of the time, I often prefer to be by myself.

22. Chances are that if I'm tired or not in the mood to talk, I'll ignore a phone call.

23. I don't like when people talk openly about what they do with their partners. (I find things like that should be kept between two people and not shared with the whole world) 

24.  I am a social retard (at often times I could be very social, but on other occasions I keep quiet) 

25. If I am really interested in something (like Asian culture) I will go to any lengths to learn more about it, even if it means chasing after Asian people :P.

26. A list of all the boys I have ever liked would be endless.

27. I want to have six kids when I grow older (some adopted) and already have their names mapped out.

28. I finds babies/children so adorable, but after spending a little time with them I wish to run away sometimes. 

29.  I looooove Asian dramas and prefer them to Hollywood produced material. Better actors, better storylines and better material. (In my opinion. However, you can say whatever you like)

30.  I'm very dreamy, but much more careful about my options and I don't let people as easily into my life as easily as what I used to. 

31. Chances are, I won't like a boy who likes me, but will like the guy who doesn't (CRAZY right?) 

32. I'm afraid of heights, but still climb tall bridges and go into tall buildings. (haha) 

33. Afraid of flying, but still get on planes to travel to a destination. (I always look for the quickest way to get to a place, and of course that is flying when it concerns other countries) 

34. I despise people who smile to your face and try so hard to make you like them if they are just going to talk behind your back anyway.

35. In my entire lifetime I've had over a hundred hairstyles. :P 

Hmmmm..Feel I'm the only one who's sharing. I want to know at least five things about my readers :) 

Chika x x x