Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's a really vulnerable subject and people hardly talk about it, the events which lead up to it, or the things that messes one up so badly that they decide to end their lives. Do people brush it under the carpet simply because it's a sad subject? Do they brush it under the carpet because it does not concern them? 

How many are aware of the suicide rate in the world in general? What about the causes? Not a lot of people, right? How about the amount of people who are either suicidal or have been suicidal? 

Suicide is one thing a lot of people have in common, although the causes for thinking in such ways are all different, it's nothing new and has become the solution to almost everything; poverty, prostitution, being a part of the entertainment industry (things aren't what they seem like there either) and the stress that comes with it, the constant change in the world economy etc. 

Of course most people never bother sharing how they feel inside with other people; what goes on inside their minds and the things which make them feel depressed. They go around suffering by themselves.  I'm not saying that we should be super radars and detect when people feel down,  but we really should not accept things at face value or think that everything is bliss just because we feel that way or because it seems that way on the surface? 

Suicide is growing among the faint hearted, those who feel they have no hope for tomorrow, those who are being bullied, those who are going through difficulties; they see no other solution than ending it all. But why should it be like that? Why should one feel like suicide is the only way out of a problem?

It's really so easy to think about the easiest escape rather than what comes after; the consequences, the hurt, the pain, the people you leave behind. Why would you want to put people through a loss? Why would you think you are better off not being alive? Would your soul really be at peace then? 

People who are able to see the good side of everything are people who are really living. You can be alive, but are you living? If you can't see past today, are you living? If you can't see other solutions to your problems than suicide, are you living? If you can't find any good in your life, are you living? 

Suicide is an issue as well as an epidemic, and it needs to be dealt with. Prevention is much better than cure...We don't want to be asking what could have caused it. We don't want to pick up the pieces after a person is gone and we certainly don't want to spend our whole life knowing we could have done something although it is too late. 

If you are hurting, find ways to deal with it...don't suffer in silence. (don't suffer on your own).. don't hide from people who love and care about you. Try, even though it is hard at times, to imagine that things will get better, that it doesn't end there. 

One advice I could give people is to be more attentive to other people around them; the moment you see someone is a bit down and you should give them an encouraging word; sometimes all it takes is a word of encouragement a day to lift a person. You don't necessarily have to ask what is going on because some might not be willing to share it with you, but it certainly helps to be encouraging. 

Learn to listen instead of just hearing, learn to see instead of just looking.

Chika x x x