Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self fulfilment or greed?

Our consumerist nature is sometimes a product of the fact that we crave for the acceptance of other people around us. We purchase the latest cars, gadgets, clothes in fashion etc., not because we really want them, but because we are in need of social approval and acceptance.

Will the time ever come where we compete because we want to be the best rather than competing because we want to beat "the best"? Are we ever really satisfied when we compete out of spite of a certain someone?

Some people go to great lengths to have the best things because they want to be the envy of others and not because they really want something in the first place. How often haven't you thought "OMG.. if I just get with that hot guy I'll become the envy of every girl (including the girls who used to be mean to me)" or "If I get that laptop (bag, mobile, Ipod, call it whatever) I will be the talk of the town and everyone will be sad because they don't have what I have."

Our selfishness and greed drives us to certain levels of actions which at often times result in our downfall, i.e being broke, not being truly satisfied, not having achieved the of others etc.

Why do we often want things simply because it will make people "envious"? And then what? Do we have to keep consuming to make people continuously envious of us? Does it really make us happy when people are envious of us, when people want what we have?

I've met people who cannot rest if they do not hear a compliment each day. They need the assurance of that they still have it, and if not, they go to great lengths to get it even at the expense of others. Isn't it exhausting? If we are constantly seeking for people's approval and acceptance won't it mar us in the end? Selfishness will catch up with those who seek it someday.

Wouldn't you rather do something because it was your wish rather than because it was the wish of so many others?

Which will it be? Self fulfilment or greed? 

Chika x x x