Monday, January 31, 2011

Promise me you won't fall for me...

It's funny when we ignore things every chance we get because we want to keep being happy. We ignore someone cheating on us simply because we are happy and would not want things to change; we ignore a friend stabbing us in the back because we don't want to realise that people change.  The list is endless. 

I feel really stupid sometimes for ignoring certain things in my life because I did not want things to be any different, because I wanted to keep being happy with my life and because I was too comfortable for things to change all of a sudden.

My ex boyfriend might have been warning me not to fall for him because he would be going away in a short time, but all I cared about was how I felt, how we felt together. I brushed it aside and got mad at him whenever he raised the subject. I didn't want him to leave me. 

However, if he was warning me not to fall for him, why did he ask me things such as if I'd ever been in a serious relationship before. Surely one only asks such questions if they want to start something with you?  Robyn's song Hang with me is powerful as it describes someone who is only looking to have fun, or someone who is only looking to live in the here and now rather than the future. 

I fell really hard......

Chika x x x