Monday, January 17, 2011

Our "vague" perceptions of beauty

I was browsing a few blogs I've subscribed to, as I usually do, and I came across an interesting post; a comparison on Caucasian and Asian women. Of course I had to butt in with a little comment, and it went like this: 

"The media, I agree, has done a lot of damage to our perceptions on beauty. In my opinion beauty comes straight from the heart. 

People who indulge in their appearance far too much become old and wrinkly far too quickly. And I do agree on the Megan Fox part though. She was much prettier before plastic surgery. 

People go and "destroy" themselves for the sake of media's preferences, when in the end the media always has a new outlook or idea about what beauty is, and therefore when a person has turned themselves into a cat they are left with nothing but disappointment as people move unto something more "interesting". 

I believe that in the comparison we are missing African women. African women have toiled and broken sweat just to be noticed as one of the world's most beautiful, and yet they are always demeaned by media and by the people who pick up on the nasty habit. Africans are also beautiful. 

However, to conclude, if personality sucks, so does "beauty" whichever way one chooses to look at it."
Now, just to include some of the "naive" guys I have come across. They really do have a biased opinion when they say that girls should not wear too much make-up and how they would rather girls were natural when they see celebrities like "Kim Kardashian" and say that she's perfect. Come on, are they aware of the pounds of make-up and botox treatments she has to go through to look like that? Half of her features aren't even real anymore.

Why is it that whenever a girl pinpoints something like this, a guy automatically thinks she's jealous. First off, just to get things clear, how can I be jealous of a person when to start off, I'm not even the same colour as her, neither do I have the same features?? Second, why would I be jealous of plastic???  OOuu--OOuch!
Don't hate, congratulate, right? 

I can at least walk around without having to fear that my butt cheeks will fall off any time soon. No offence Kim. 

You can't really blame those girls who "spray" themselves with make-up just to look half as "beautiful" as the celebrities out there. Please point out a minority who haven't gone through with plastic surgery in Hollywood and I'll give you some candy. Swear down!!!

Plastic has become more common even around regular people, so how are we so sure we don't have a few of them walking around amongst us? 

Whilst natural people age gracefully, those who have injected this and that in all parts of their body will constantly have to worry about their features deteriorating. How sad.  A moment of silence please, as we mourn their stupidity.

I'd rather look UGLY now and have my age in tact with my face when I'm a lot older, rather than having parts of my face either missing, falling off or rusting.

My boobs aren't mountains! I'm aware of that, but I still love em'. My ass isn't an inflated pillow you can rest your head on, but I can comfortably sit, feeling protected by the meat that's there. My lips are the perfect size for my face and I am not in need of any injections thank you very much! (A friend once said her sister knows someone who constantly injects stuff into her lips, and one day it was so bad she had blisters on them...this made it hard for people not to stare. Where did she gather the guts to do that??? Ouch)

I'm sure I've made a point. Don't accept beauty at face value. It's never what it seems.

Chika x x x