Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bye bye facebook!?

Okay, so facebook was perhaps such a huge part of my daily life that I felt it had to go. I saw what it was doing to the people around me and I thought "Jeez... if I don't stop now I might join the club of insanity." I just didn't want it to become that big a part of me that I was no longer able to do anything without checking in on facebook every five minutes.

I'm not saying that I might not regret deactivating my facebook account, but it's worth taking a risk. I know that as I was not familiar with facebook in 2006 I can go back to not depending on or relying on facebook as my friend keeper. Real friends can be found in the real world and I don't need a virtual world to feel that someone cares about me or that I have friends.  How many of those facebook "friends" do I actually talk to?

Sometimes I would wonder why people added me on facebook if they had no intentions of ever talking to me, or messaging me. Was it just so they could browse through my photos or see how many "friends" I had? Why is it that people who are addicted to facebook automatically think that everyone else just can't live without facebook??

I had so many friends who had never been a member of facebook and I actually envied them so much, the biggest mistake I might ever have made was becoming a member and slave to facebook. Of course I don't think that people who choose to remain on facebook are a lot worse than what I am, but I just can't be a part of something that doesn't add to my time. I'm sure that I will notice the fact that I have more time on my hands after a while.

Although I might write this with all the motivation one could possibly have I might also decide that facebook is a necessity after sometime and go back to it. I as a person can do just fine without facebook, but can facebook do just fine without me? (meaning will friends, colleagues and loved ones find it easier to keep in touch with me after I deactivate my facebook or will they forget me?)

Chika x x x