Monday, January 24, 2011


In three days time (counting), Youtube, in cooperation with LG will be launching a film about life on earth on the Sundance Film Festival. 

Have you ever wondered how life is for other people apart from yourself? What someone might be doing on the other side of the planet at the exact time as you? Has it ever been a fascination to you that while life is going on in the country you exist in, life is also going on other places in the world? 

I always used to get fascinated by the fact that while I was sleeping during the night, someone somewhere else in the world was up getting ready for work, eating lunch in the afternoon or playing outside. 
One thing which would get to me everytime was how we never managed falling off the "edge" of the earth. Was there any such thing as the "edge of the earth"?

I would often look at my hands and think "I'm really here. I exist. Amazing!" For me it was so fascinating to be the one looking at myself, and not someone else. I could feel my soul looking out through the windows of my eyes, causing me to exist.  Of course I was a child then and had countless things I constantly thought about. 

I for one, think it's important not to forget that other people exist in this world apart from where you live. The world simply does not revolve around us, even though we would like to think so at times. Out there in the BIG world there is someone crying, someone dying, someone getting married, someone suffering heart-ache or hardships. 
Although we might be on our own, we are not alone. Because with every circumstance in life there's someone else out there going through a similar situation, if not the exact same thing.
The video will be following normal, everyday people and what one day in their life is like.

Here's a teaser:  

If you are interested in knowing more about the project, do click on the logo on the left hand navigation. 

Remember, you might be on your own, but you're certainly not alone!

Chika x x x