Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last man standing! (No new year's resolutions, just goals)

I realized that it's actually possible to follow through when I set myself goals. Although I did not have any new year's resolutions (since they are so easy to break or go against) I did set myself a couple of goals, and I have been crossing out the completed ones gradually. Ah... it feels so nice when one has things accomplished. It actually feels super amazing.

I am going to try and make lists of things I wish to and know I can accomplish and then I will cross out the things I manage to achieve gradually. I'm sure nothing is impossible once a person sets out to do it, and I'm a person who if I really want to reach a goal (as in really wholeheartedly), I will do anything in my power to make sure I am the last man standing!

There used to be a time when I was a bit younger that I and my siblings would play a sort of game. In assemblies it was obviously normal for everyone to sit once they were asked to, but we, ignoring shame or embarrassment would encourage each other to stand up even when everyone else was sitting. (Of course people must have wondered what kind of oddity they had in their midst) I would always end up being the last man standing!

Knowing I have managed to accomplish so many things at my own level (not comparing myself to "high" achievers, because everyone is different and work on different paces), I find it hard to go back to not having a plan in life, not having a certain goal or a direction. Once one is focused and knows exactly what he/she wants it is so much easier to set out to pursue it, whatever it is.

I can't give up and especially not when I really want something. Come rain, come sunshine, regardless of situations or circumstances I must be, or end up being the last man standing!

Chika x x x