Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inside the mind of a girl

No girl likes to be told to give up on a guy they have been crushing on for ages simply because, "truthfully", it will never happen. We like to keep our hopes up (at least some of the persistent girls out there) and imagine that maybe after a few years things will change and the guy we like will start liking us.

Come on now, books like "He's just not that into you" were made to function as discouraging material for girls who would constantly dream about the day when they guy they were hopelessly in love with would turn towards them and say "I feel the exact same way", but then again, material like Ciara's song "never ever" should be enough warning, right?

"If that boy don't love you by now. He will never ever, never ever love you."
Some would say "It's okay, no need to put emphasis on the "never ever" bit, we get it." We can't generalise right? We can't sit there and say that just because one boy who did not like you before and who never ended up liking you even after a few years time, means that all boys who did not like you to begin with will end up doing the same.  Although, 89% of the time (or perhaps more; if not less) that is actually true; no matter how many plastic surgery sessions you go through or how much you make an effort to change for that person.

I guess it was only fair when it happened to me since there have been a bunch of guys I never liked no matter how much they begged an pleaded. (I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm some kind of special creation, because I'm not) I just was not feeling it, and chances are that the more a person begs, the more desperate they become to you and the more you will dislike them.

Why can't the odds ever be even? - I know, I know. The Script's song states it so clearly "When a heart breaks, no it don't break even."

There are times when a girl likes a guy for several years and when she has finally stopped liking him, he takes notice. Is there something wrong with people????? How come we love to chase? Why can't we accept the fact that at some point we'll have to let people chase us????

Why am I more attracted to guys who pay no interest in me whatsoever rather than guys who do?  What am I missing here and why don't I ever learn? Why do so many girls constantly walk into the same trap?

Of course after "dissing" the book "He's just not that into you" I decided to buy it. A lot of the stuff in it did make sense, but come on, one guy doesn't have to speak for a whole population of guys, insisting that the way he thinks is basically how they all think. Aren't we individuals? Because if we're not I guess all of the human beings on earth would look, act and dress exactly the same (...and that would cause me to jump out of my window).

99 % of the time I felt like ripping the pages of the book into a million pieces. It's not a book every girl has to have in her handbag. There are no right answers, you just have to experience. As human beings we come to realize that some will love us and some will not. Just because one guy doesn't realise his loss does not mean another guy won't. Nevertheless, we need to think about what we can do to never have to go through losing a special person. Sometimes once a person has walked out of your life they won't be coming back.

Chika x x x