Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dream high!

There is a Korean drama I have been watching these past weeks and sometimes I even watch it with my little sister via Skype. (Skype is great and thank God for the invention of it)

It's a really insightful drama and really makes one think about their dreams, goals and ambitions. It's called 드림하이(Dream High)

Watching it I often feel like nothing is impossible; like I can do literally anything, and it usually feels really great. My favourite character is actually this girl who is so shy and who is sort of looked down upon by the rest because she's a bit bigger and because they feel she is "not attractive", but I think she's sooooooooo beautiful and she has the most adorble personality. 

Recently I also started appreciating the fact that I do wear glasses and that even though I used to think my face looked bloated with them on (huh...come on like) it was all in my head. My glasses help me see better so why should I care how they make me look? Would I rather spend my time not seeing people or signs half of the time and having to squint my eyes or would it not be just a lot better to see properly???? 

I guess I don't look that bad with glasses on, plus they make me look ten times smarter even though I don't underestimate my intelligence level.

Chika x x x