Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't turn a blind eye just because it's not you

It is so easy not to care when one is not affected by either a situation or an issue. "Oh, he's sick? Well, it's not me so thank God" or "Well at least I find myself on the other side of the planet, so that flood won't be reaching me anytime soon." Thoughts like these are easy to have, but just because were are not going through a tough time does not mean we should turn a blind eye towards people who are.

What happened to empathy? What happened to actually being alert and thinking that it so easily could have been you? Just because were are unaffected by something does not mean it can never happen to us. What would we have wanted people to do if it were us going through a tough situation in need of someone's attention? Would we want them to pass us by or perhaps cover their ears so they would not hear us crying or call out for help?

We just should not go around thinking we are much better off than those affected by certain crisis, because we are not. I see it as living under God's mercy (as I am a Christian). We are all undeserving, given our selfish, covetous, greedy nature.

With all the things we do to destroy the nature we live in, we still have the courage to look up to the heavens and blame God for it. "Well, if God existed how come there are so many wars in the world or homeless people etc?" Why do we even ask such silly questions when we know the answer?

People are so quick to say we live in a free world where one can do whatever they like and so far it is partly true, so if a person makes a decision that is their decision and therefore they should not blame others for the road they decided to take; therefore I believe that God does not have to descend from heaven each time someone is about to make a decision.

There are wars in the world today because of decisions made by individuals like ourselves. People allow themselves to be driven by their anger and at the expense of others; they do whatever they please, not caring about who gets hurt in the process as long as they are satisfied in the end. But does war truly satisfy anger? Does an argument really change anything or does it stir up more disagreement?

There is hunger because it has not occurred to most people who have, that it is necessary to share with those who do not have. In all, most problems occur because of the fact that we do not care about what goes on around us or because we only care about things which have to do with ourselves.

Our days are driven by the need to compete, to be better than others, to have the latest gadgets or the coolest clothes. When we are not satisfied, we fight for it. Some become so greedy that others lives have to pay for their greediness.

Each day we concern ourselves with how to get our hands on even more things as we are never satisfied with whatever we already have. Why can't we learn to appreciate more? Why can't we learn to let anger and hate go? Why must we let things get to the point where others have to suffer because of it?

It's just like a leader of a nation, when he has something against another nation it will often result to him trying to brainwash his country to hate that other nation as well by enforcing negative images, and then individuals will follow and hate the other nation for no apparent reason.

If a close family member were to be going through difficulties we would probably do anything to help them, so why is it so difficult to show the same care to others?

I recently heard about gangs who go around beating up homeless people. That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. What have these homeless people done? Most of them have not chosen to live without a home, but because of life circumstances they ended up without a home. How can such cruelty even exist and why are some so eager to cause trouble for people who are minding their own business?

People forget to picture themselves in someone else's shoes. They easily  forget it could have been them. What will you do? Will you turn a blind eye too?

 Chika x x x