Monday, January 10, 2011

Cougar girl?: Lowering the age bar

Of course we have perhaps all thought about how “disgusting” we find it when there’s a terribly large age difference between partners. For example a man in his 40′s dating a 20 year old. Well, I would of course disagree with that, but then again that 20 year old has reached the age where he/she is able to reason for his/herself.

I never actually thought it would happen to me though. I have been attracted to people who were younger, but the lowest I would ever go was two years younger, but what about when the bar is lowered and I find myself attracted to someone +2 more years younger? What does that make me?
Why is it that it is okay for a guy to date a younger girl, but it’s not okay for a girl to date a younger guy? Okay there is a question about maturity levels of course, but there should not be a problem as long as the age difference is not something which would raise a debate right? Or is it?

Well. I don’t want to go into detail, but I have always wanted to know what the problem with an older girl dating a younger guy is all about? Some might say that sooner or later that older girl will find herself left by the guy because he might suddenly want to date someone his age. “Didn’t that happen to Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz?” Some might ask.

The only barrier I might say is a possible problem is that which concerns maturity. Obviously there is a saying that guys act at least two years younger than their biological age and therefore it would be a bit problematic if someone older were to date a guy who is a few years younger than themselves.

I agree with that to a certain extent. I believe some guys just never mature to the point where they stop being completely childish. However, some guys are able to reason on a more mature level than other guys, qualifying them for a relationship with an older girl, depending on just how old that girl is.

Some people would argue that they would never go lower than their own age, not even by one year. I think that is just a little bit harsh because one cannot do much about the people they are attracted to, although I think going several years beyond one’s own years might be viewed as paedophilia. For example if a 20 year old woman liked a 12 year old. I have not heard of it, but it is possible.

There have been cases with 35 year old women sleeping with 15 year old guys. To me that is sick, but then again someone might argue that liking someone who is four years younger than myself is sick as well. I’m still eager to know what people's opinions on this exact matter are. 

If it were five or six years younger I would start putting a question mark on it, especially when the girl liking is 21, but four years might not be that bad perhaps. A relationship between a 21 year old girl and an 18 year old  guy is that bad????? 

Chika x x x