Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Things: to do list

1. Go to the bank and get a student account. (It's physically draining with the monthly amount which is deducted from my account each month.) Think about the amount I can save up without those deductions.

2. Finish my last assignment for Writing for the Media. Indesign Layout.  

3. Go back to studying Korean now that I have some spare time.

4. Book a ticket to Norway in time for March.

5. Book a ticket to Korea.

6. Find a job (a temporary one, seeing as a permanent one probably won't give me a leave in time for travelling to Korea)

7.  Prepare myself for this semester and the exams coming up.

8. Watch Korean drama with my little sister via Skype

9. Send a postcard to my Eunni in Korea :D.. Ahhhhh... how I will love going back to writing by hand after being so used to electronic mails.

10. Start wearing my glasses on a regular basis. I honestly can't see that much without them :P