Thursday, December 2, 2010

Response: Why men cheat

During a workshop my seminar group had at university yesterday, we had to read several features, and there was one in particular that really had my stomach turning. The topic? .... Yes, *barffff*, it cannot go unmentioned. Can you guess what the word is?...... Cheating!

Quite frankly, the fact that it makes the writer of the feature sick and tired of hearing men speak about how much they love their wives etc., makes me think about all the people who used to encourage me to have sex just because they didn't want to be the only ones feeling guilty.  My point? 

First off.. this guy is clearly a very stupid, insecure, weak, incompetent, selfish bastard!.. Sorry for my choice of words, but yes, that's what I call any person who dares to cheat. Got a problem at home? Resolve it! You're wife isn't putting out? Talk about it! But don't make that an excuse to justify cheating, because truth it, it's never and has never been okay for someone to cheat. 

In a particular place of the feature the guy who chose to go under the name anonymous, (wow, really is that scared to reveal his identity because he knows it's wrong of him to be cheating in the first place) wrote:
"Women will never understand how men can cheat because they think of it in terms of   themselves —as something done to them"
Yes it is something done to us you numbskull!!!! How can you ever cheat and say you love someone? You love them enough to cheat on them, because that's the way to go?... I'd rather die old, wrinkly, untouched and unloved than have a man cheat on me. For whatever reason do you get married or committed to someone if you have a desire to sleep around???? 

Stay a freaking bachelor/bachelorette if you do not like the idea of being tied down to one person for the rest of your life. Marriage is not an obligation, it's simply what two people do when they can't see themselves with anyone else. 

Gahhh I freaking hate cheaters the act sooo much I could die!!!

Further down into the feature what he was writing made it feel like someone was literally putting two fingers down my throat and choking me... (*.. uh-huphh... there's that feeling again*) ... It's fun to see how many men identify themselves with animals, those who mate with any female animal of their kind. I guess the belief that we are animals is  imprinted within many. (However, that's not my point).

Two can freaking play that game honey!... But some people are actually driven by moral conduct. Like I'm not staying away from sleeping around because of my parents or my fear of them or because I'm afraid of having sex, it's because I've chosen to have respect for my body, knowing that I wouldn't just give it to any person who isn't deserving of it. Women, as well as men, can cheat, although some women are more emotionally attached. 

A person should never try to justify the act of cheating. NEVER! It's disgusting and doesn't belong in a marriage. When you were at the alter the marital speech by the priest didn't go something like "You both promise to let each other sleep with whoever you want at whatever time you please in sickness and in health until death do you part." .. There was no such thing, so get your act together.

If you're young and you are thinking about getting married, think about it carefully. It's better to be a bachelor and free than to be a lying, cheating, bitch person! 

Why be married, have children all that stuff because you are trying to live up to someone's expectations? Would it not be better to be single and out of commitment than to live a complete, shameful lie? 

Yes, men are men, but that doesn't give them a reason to behave like DOGS!

For anyone interested in reading the garbage the man wrote, here's the link:

I am not a selfish person, and we are living in a modern society where it is no longer required of us to get married. It would just spare a lot of secrets, lies and deceit in a failing marriage if a person just didn't decide to get married at all. I wonder how cheaters can honestly live with themselves everyday. Who wants their son to grow up and be a cheating jerk just like themselves? I'm sure it's not something a dad would be dreaming about. 

If you can't handle the requirements of marriage, simply don't get into it. That's about it.

Chika x x x