Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What is wrong with the world today?????

I was recently reading Fokis (press the name to view original post) blog about how a little girl as young as 10 had already started doing her own make-up, and trust me, she was pretty good at it. But that makes me wonder if there are no boundaries with children at all. Is this world really that twisted that even 10 year olds feel the need to put on make-up to look plastic pretty???

Is it just me?????? Is it really okay for ten year old girls to wear make-up when they haven't even hit puberty yet???? ("physically speaking")

Yes I have seen little girls dressed up as dolls in beauty pageant contests, but I have been against that from time, especially since the murder of John Bennett. (Google her)

Property of

I just think this is wrong on so many levels. Little girls should be able to be little girls at least for a little while longer, but the media has made it desirable for little girls to want to become women so quickly. They also become objects of sick people's desires, leading to rape and child abuse.

I mean, how old would you think this girl was if you happened to bump into her on the streets with make-up on? Never mind her height. But I just think it's wrong, wrong, wrong!!! There honestly should be a limit and parents should take a stand and stop thinking there's nothing wrong with it. Would you like it if it was your child some old man was perving over?

What do you think? Is there a certain age a person should be before they can wear/should be allowed to wear make-up?

   Chika x x x