Saturday, December 11, 2010

What guys shouldn't ask and what girls don't like to hear

I recently got a request about what to write on in this blog post. Since I was already planning on writing something similar I figured I could pair the two together and do one whole post about both topics.

First off, one thing I guess some guys will never understand is why girls ask a question and get mad when they hear the answer. Okay, so as a woman girl (with my own view on things and obviously not speaking for the whole generation of girls not comfortable being addressed as a woman yet) I personally ask questions I don't want to know the answer to because I hope to get an answer that will make me happy. 

If a girl makes a statement (at most times, not always) like "Oh my God I look ugly today", she is usually saying that so someone can say "Of course you don't honey. You look gorgeous." I'm guessing guys don't understand that as they will say what's on their mind without thinking twice (again, not all the time) and this will leave a girl upset or angry, and they won't really understand why because hey "she asked."

I find it funny to comprehend the way girls think at times (especially because I am one myself). We want guys to be completely honest with us when it comes to how they feel about us, but when it comes to the personal questions we ask, we want them to go all easy on us and replace the truth with little white lies. You don't step in front of a guy and ask "Do I look fat in this?" if you really don't want to know the answer And get mad if he answers "Maybe you need to lose a few pounds?" Shrugging just a little, and making you want to throw rocks/bricks at him, or bite his head off.The truth is, you asked and he only gave you an honest opinion.

Would you rather a guy lie to you than tell you the truth his opinion? What relationship would that be if it were based on lies? 

Guys are often very "peaceful creatures", and don't like getting into arguments with a girl, or hurting her feelings, that's why at most times they try to avoid questions like this.

For guys, questions women will never be comfortable hearing, EVER, are questions like "What shoe size are you?", "What size are you?" (clothing of course..for those nasty minds out there) and "What breast  bra size are you?" (COME ON! SERIOUSLY?). A woman would hate if she had bigger feet than her boyfriend and would often hate it if she weighed more than her counterpart. The last one doesn't even have to be answered. Would guys like it if we asked them what size their penis is? (Don't answer that) Unless they are that proud about it, it would most definitely put them in an uncomfortable spot.

Of course I'm not an expert and I don't speak for the majority of girls out there, but I am speaking from my personal point of view.


Chika x x x