Saturday, December 25, 2010


I wonder what comes to mind whenever one mentions an African woman. Nappy hair? Saggy breasts? Big bum? Big thighs? Dark, ugly skin? Stupid?

What about Asians? Really tiny eyes? Thick hair? Short? Smart yet with really tiny penises???? 

It is so sad how society dictates people, "their" opinions and their thoughts. Postmodernism evolved as a result of exactly this; the order in society which people gladly accept for no apparent reason. They are comfortable with how certain races are portrayed through the eyes of the media and therefore do not give it much thought. 

Each time I write about my frustrations about exactly this issue I feel like punching in every word on the keyboard with my fists. Why do people never learn? Why do they walk around as ignorant as a coconut? Why are they happy with the bullshit presented to them in the media? Why? Why? Why? 

Why is it that bleaching creams and plastic surgeries have become the essence of many people's lives to reach the goal of looking like "Snow White" or perhaps the typical Barbie with blonde hair and blue eyes??????

I almost cried from watching just how much damage the media has done to little children when little girls in Asia were purchasing barbies and saying they desired to look like that because they were unhappy with how they looked. White is beautiful and all other races can go to hell, right???? 

What about the experiment done on little black girls where all of them rejected the black dolls they were presented with in favour of the white dolls? 

Most African parents cannot even start teaching their kids that there is no such thing as ugly except according to the standards of society. It hardens my heart that even they themselves desire the fairest skin, the longest hair etc. 

Notice how almost every negative thing in society is associated with black. Black market, black magic, black money. The list could be endless. 

And I am so sick and tired of people embracing what they are not? Don't give me the BULLSHIT about plastic surgery being there because people can change what they are not happy with? And just why are you unhappy with yourself? Because society has already punched into your brain what should be accepted as beauty and what should not.  SADNESS!

I shake my head whenever I see people with aspirations of "becoming" another race. If I started acting "white" (whatever that really is) and wore contact lenses, dyed my hair blonde and bleached my skin until it turned red, just how many people would look at me as a white person? I doubt anybody would.

Parents who turn their kids against each other at a young age by stating that the fairest is the most beautiful disgust me so much. Instead of taking pride in all your kids, realizing that their differences are what makes them beautiful, you compare them to each other. 

I think Asians and Black people are beautiful just the way they are and that they only turn "ugly" once they accept that which society has stapled on them. You turn "ugly" once you try to be something you are NOT!

Why can't people just accept who they are and stop letting the media form their opinion? 

I believe there is a reason I study communication and media and that is not so I can succumb to the negative images which have been floating around for a long time; negative images of Africans and Asians, sexism, demeaning depiction of women sometimes as nothing more than housewives and men's objects of desire. 

I came to this world to make a change even if that will take several years, and I am not leaving until I see that change. MARK MY WORDS!

enjoy the song by SUGABABES

Chika x x x