Saturday, December 18, 2010

There's no place like home

Sure enough I enjoy being away from home at times, and of course studying in another country. It's refreshing. But sometimes one needs a break from that too, that's when you find there's just "no place like home". 

It was cool of my friends to set up a gathering at their place (a sort of Christmas workshop) where we were fourteen girls sitting around a cozy table all with our canvases, painting. It was fun and reminded me of childhood when I used to sit in kindergarten and paint. There were so many creative ideas today. 

I had to leave halfway through my painting, and I had almost just started :(, but it's okay because the time spent in the midst of a lot of warm-hearted people just made me feel happy. 

When I got home my dad had made a pot of soup and that was nice as I am experiencing the worst cold in a long time. I sat down and watched a funny Comedy with him :P. Seeing as the house was empty it was really peaceful. It has been a while since I have spent time with my dad, and sitting there watching a film with him was fun even if it meant sitting in silence half of the time, apart from a few funny comments in between. 

I love my entire family, and there is absolutely nowhere I'd rather be this Christmas.

Chika  x x x