Friday, December 17, 2010

A proud big sister

I had been supposed to come to Norway a bit earlier so I could help my little sister prepare for her Winter Ball, but I was unable to as there was still University and a lot to be done before the holidays. However, as I have some really amazing friends, they agreed to help my sister get ready, doing her make-up, setting up her hair and helping her pick out accessories which would match her dress. 

My aunty had gone shopping with my little sister before the ball and I must say I almost had tears in my eyes once I went with my cousin to get a few snapshots of her. 

Boy was it V.I.P as we weren't allowed to get in and had to wait for her to come outside and meet us. 

            Here are two pictures of my gorgeous little sister

I'm really proud of her and how much she has grown and matured. I can't believe time flies by the way it does. 

                          Chika xxx