Saturday, December 25, 2010

Love to love

I find it a bit funny just how much people are willing to use their imagination in order to be happy. Your boyfriend does not want you anymore, the signs are clear but you still build a sort of reassurance that he does in your head just so you could smile for a few more days, months or years.  Your husband is cheating on you, but you decide it's okay as long as you are happy.

Why do we like pretending? Why is it that when certain things happen we are just too comfortable to get up and leave? Why is it that we fail to realize when something has run its course, or when we deserve much better than what we settle for?

There are so many times where I have underestimated myself because I am too lazy to actually get up and do something, because I am too comfortable; not because I can't do it or because I can't face the challenges. So many people have allowed society to define them instead of defining themselves for society. Isn't that absolutely wrong? 

If you want to be great you have to work at becoming great, if you want to leave a relationship that is not going anywhere you have to get up and do that.

As a child I always relied on teachers pushing me to get me to work on my potential, they always saw it, I never did. Quite honestly I never invested enough in my talents because I never really believed in myself, not because I felt I wasn't good enough or that other people were better than me. I just did not believe enough in myself and always found it easy to underestimate myself, but harder to believe I could do something.

The worst thing about indirect racism was that people always made you want to settle for less, trying to crush your dreams and trying to limit you to a certain profession. If you said you wanted to study to become a psychologist, the school advisor would tell you that you were good with art and with your hands and that you should therefore aim at becoming a carpenter. BULLSHIT!!!!

If you want to become a doctor you should go all in, believing in yourself to the fullest. NEVER let anyone tell you what you are, instead you always tell them what you are. Love what you do with every ounce of yourself. Live everyday with every bit of your heart, and Laugh like there is no tomorrow. 

Believe in yourself, 
                                   Live your dreams!

Chika x x x