Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's here!!

I was thrilled when I opened the mail box and the envelope containing a postcard from my friend in Korea fell into my hands. =D ..I had been anticipating its arrival for quite some time and somehow I had a feeling it would be in the mailbox today. You know when you just have a feeling about something. Today, unlike any other day I had been jumping up and down with excitement, it was actually in the mailbox.

It's so cool to get mail from Korea, especially because I know it has travelled far and because my friend actually took time to make a post card for me. Not many people do that. :D...

The messages she wrote were absolutely adorable and I felt I just had to get a picture of them. Maybe I'm so overly excited because of the fact that I have never received mail from Korea before. It makes it even more exciting for me as I am planning on visiting Korea next year.

The way I was jumping up and down today made it seem like I had just won the lottery. I was really happy and the postcard totally made my day.

       Signed with Love,
                    Chika  x x  x