Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have a voice and a right to speak

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, when I write poems it relieves my mind. It's a way for me to get what I'm feeling down on paper. And yesterday something was really bothering me, so I decided to write it down...

I have a voice

I have a voice and the right to speak,
you don't have to listen.
When I have things to say I write them down,
Even if you don't read them, I'll still be consistent.

Your hate has no value to me,
My skin is resistant.
Like a bulletproof-vest I make your words bounce off me and out of existence.

People don't like to hear about the truth,
because they know it will hurt.
With words they defend their wrongs and cover them up with dirt.
Your lies and deceit shoot like a gun.
You kill just for fun.
ever heard the saying "whatever's hidden will be revealed by the sun"?

We all have wrongs,
but you're a wimp if you see wrong and don't correct it,
Don't let youngsters grow up with their innocent minds infected
by the profanity, immorality and dangers of this world.
Would you ever get poison and feed it to a little girl?

I think not,
so why do it indirectly?
Child abuse, child pornography etc. Now that disgusts me.
The weight of our problems we all carry individually.
But I ask myself why these things exist in the E.N. industry?
These things, racism, violence... should have gone down with history.
Like Martin Luther King, I also had an epiphany.

Treat a girl with disrespect and get mad when it's done to your sister. 
You hypocrite, if it's such a bother then you should reconsider.

All of these size zero models have to go, 
women with more meat are who the public need to know. 
How much  is a person willing to do to destroy the masses?
Young lives aspiring to be turning into ashes. 
Matches. You're lighting up their futures and setting them on fire, 
discouraging young people to grow and aim higher.

Are you proud of the damage and destruction you're creating? 
When you fail to see the wrong that you do it's nauseating.
The media keep on lying to us, it's frustrating.

You should be this size, 
you should buy this for that price. 
(if you do you'll look "beautiful")
Whatever happened to being human and having some damn pride? 

Young girls starving themselves to be ideal, 
when you're calling them names how the f* do you think it makes them feel? 
When people fail to realize it makes me so sick and tired, 
Megan Fox. Angelina...the likes... why are they so damn admired?

It's not about the plastic on the surface,
it's more about the beauty that is innate. 

Beautiful women should be celebrated, 
African, European, Caribbean, Asian. 

It's not about the things that we see on television, 
the fake plastics of Hollywood have blurred our vision.
We're not able to appreciate beauty when we see it.
Instead we see anorexic and really want to be it.

So sad, So sad that I sit up and cry. 
It really bothers me when I see people living a lie,
and they are made role models of young people. 
Just because you're not the "right" colour or size, you're unequal.
Spoken by a girl who's tired as hell, but on the real though.

People have become so superficial and materialistic,
nobody really gives a damn about the realistic.

Plastics and fakes.
These people are the people we look up to? 
The causes of suicide, the same people who corrupt you. 

Chika Anene ©2010

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