Monday, December 6, 2010

A cold, some drama, an assignment and a beautiful surprise

Apart from having my head tangled in an assignment and also a pounding head ache which seemed to be my companion throughout the whole week, I also had the zeal to watch a few Korean dramas accompanied by two bags of menthol lozenge for a sore throat. (I did manage to finish them both within a few days, and they did not even help my throat as it only got worse). 

I was talking to a friend of mine (she's Korean and such a beautiful soul) and she totally surprised me by letting me know she had made me a Christmas Card which she was sending through post. 

OMG.. I was so excited as I love whatever letter comes through the mail as long as it's not a bill, a bank statement (reminding me of unfortunate spending) or a notice about late rent money. She asked me what address to send it to and I told her my Norwegian address, as it would be lovely to be met by a letter from Korea upon arriving at my address in Norway. :) 

I wasn't allowed to look inside the envelope, but she gave me a sneak peek of the envelope, which I just had to post on my blog as it was the most sweetest, adorable thing anyone has ever made for me. (In this day an age no one really sends around letters anymore, except perhaps post cards when they are in a hot country ... just to remind you that you're not there with them). 

 I think it's sooooo adorable :D.. And the way she wrote my address :D :D :D.. So cool. 

                                          I was absolutely overjoyed about!!!.. 

                                           감사합니다 언니 :) 너무 행복합니다

치카 x x x