Thursday, November 25, 2010

A world full of voices: Speak up, be heard!

Sometimes I ask myself if the reasons for my being quiet at most times derives from the fact that I am scared what I say won't have an effect on people, won't encourage action and will somehow end up being ignored or forgotten. But then I think "wait a minute, hasn't my blog managed to reach so many readers? I can certainly do more, influence more people positively."

Everyone in the world has a voice, and by voice I am not referring to that of the physical, but rather speaking of talents and influence. People have an ability to raise awareness about certain areas, whether it be areas of their interest or perhaps issues of the world. Either way, if you are able to influence someone positively it makes the world a much better place to live in.

A friend of mine recently sent me a video on the subject of African litterature and I was immediately inspired to write a post. So many people are using their voices to create awareness of subjects which tend to be ignored by the masses.

It's easy to hate a certain type of people because of one-sided arguements within the media. Instead of doing research, people often believe what they are told because it's easier.

As a young, African girl growing up in a predominantly white society, I always thought to myself that there weren't enough African authors which people were familiar with. Ever since that time I always thought it would be wonderful to be amongst the world's most recognized African authors.

I love writing, and there is nothing I can say I love more than it. If there was no writing, there would be no lyrics, no poems, no novels. Writing is the very essence and base of stories, history, humanity.

Sure enough I'm only one person, but if I times that by the amount of people who actually, genuinely read through my posts, and hope that perhaps some of them spread the word, then I have made my point come accross to quite a lot of people.

You might be one person, but the impact you can have on your community, your society, in your family, at school or amongst friends could be tremendous.  Think about it.

British students recently protested about the raise of tuition fees. Imagine the amount of people who met up to protest. When people share a common interest, they are able to do so much together.

Your voice could be heard through your talents. Whether it is singing, dancing, rapping, poetry, writing, football etc. Believe in yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Speak up, be heard!

Chika  x x x