Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wife and loving mom Vs Successful Power-woman

After a while of really thinking it through and imagining myself with no social life (not that there's much to brag about now), several kids and an unhelpful husband - I realized that that's not exactly what I want very early in life. Babies are cute and all, don't get me wrong, but my life would practically be over if I had them early in my career, and not to talk about marriage. There would be another baby to take care of besides actual babies.

In this world there's a lot I haven't seen yet, and a lot of things I haven't yet experienced. I would love to really see life and be certain that I have lived it before I decide to settle down with someone and create a family of my own.

I imagine my future like this:

1. Successful power woman (travelling a lot in relation to my job, with something new and adventurous to do every week or month)

2. No ties whatsoever (no man in my life demanding too much from me) - that way I get ME time whenever I want, without having to think about someone sitting at home waiting for me.

3. Living in my dream apartment.

4. Working for a successful company (whether it be a magazine company .... or etc.)

5. Meeting up with my girls every now and again to talk and catch up on things.

You can't do all of these things when you have a family to think about. At least I don't see any possibility to do that, and I certainly wouldn't be able to juggle between my job, kids (feeding, wiping snot and changing nappies/diapers) and husband. I would definitely have to focus on one of them, and the job is an easier option.

I believe 30 would be a good age for me to settle down. That's right, the BIG three-O. That would be an age where I'm sure I've seen all there is to see and had fun, and perhaps also an age where I'm too tired to worry about my husband being unfaithful. I'm sure the years will have brought me more experience and I would be ready to take on a life as a wife and loving mother.

Things might of course change, but I've come to realize that I wouldn't be ready to jump into marriage right after I've graduated. I wouldn't have had enough time for myself (as selfish as that may sound)..But I guess Only time will tell.

  Chika xx