Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why "About a girl"?

It wasn't until after I changed my blog address to something less mindboggling to type into the url box that I actually started receiving more views.. Hehe.. maybe it was just the title? But that's not at all why I decided to change it or to change my blog's url address. 

While I was in Norway during the summer holiday I was thinking quite a lot and about quite a lot of things, and since I hadn't blogged in a while and found wordpress absolutely annoying because I just couldn't seem to figure it out, I decided to change my blog and make it a significant mark for the changes in my life.

So many things had taken place over the summer and had become too much to deal with, so I decided that the only way to properly deal with them was to write them down. That's how "About a girl" first came about. As for the name, it used to be "stillawake4u"... looooong story.... then I changed it to popcornprincess and my final decision to change it to a name which really reflected me, my thoughts and feelings, came about during the summer. 

I had once read Nick Hornby's book "About a boy" and could totally identify with his character, Marcus. Totally  weird and random? Check. Singing out of nowhere for no reason? Oh yeah... Check, blackmailing people to get what I want?.... (Well, that can be discussed). In all I think Marcus is a hilarious character, one of the most hilarious I've ever read about where embarrassing things which he seemed to have no control of whatsoever, kept happening to him. Reoccuring nightmares!!

So there you have it, why I decided to christen my blog "About a girl". It's about me, a perfectly (normal????) sane girl writing about everything from embarrassing moments, to childhood memories, to love and heartbreak. 

Here's to reaching 2,000+ views and for many more years of posting entries (on) About a girl .... Your not so regular, embarrassing-moments-magnet, down to earth kind of girl.

Chika x  x x