Sunday, November 14, 2010

What draws us to rejection so much?

What is so hot, so appealing and so sexy about getting rejected? Why is it so enthralling that people see it as a thrill/obligation to spend days, weeks, months or even years chasing one single person????? I don't get why some (including myself, at some point....) are attracted to bad girls/boys, liars, cheaters, situation manipulators, people who act superior to us and treat us like dirt - just plain jerks in other words.

There are so many nice people out there and yet most of us fall for the scumbags and jerks of the earth. "ARE WE JUST THAT BLIND????" Perhaps that should tell us a little something about ourselves?

Is it because we seek adventure and fun that we dedicate time to chase someone who shows absolutely no interest in us whatsoever? Is it because we need something exciting to do, or is it simply because we are attracted to them? Or perhaps we are trying to prove to ourselves that we CAN get them to bite unto our hook sooner or later?

I just don't get the dynamics; the logic in loving rejection and chasing after it, only to get the same rejection again. At some point in life it happens to everyone. You like a person, they don't like you, you spend several months or perhaps years of your precious time chasing the dumbass when you could be doing something much more productive with your time. WHY? WHY? WHY?

I'm amazed at myself and just how much effort I put into chasing guys who showed no interest in me whatsoever. There was a particular time I liked a guy so much and I told him "who could reject you? You're gorgeous" and he said that everyone has faced rejection, gorgeous or not. TRUE, almost??? What he had said made me realize that it was true. If a person does not like you, for the love of God, move on. There will be someone else out there who will adore you and perhaps sweep the floor with their own body just for you (not literally speaking..... but I'm sure you get my point).

Humans need to stop wasting their time on people who couldn't care less about whether they are breathing or not - and start keeping their options open for people who could.

How many times did I allow myself to make a complete and utter fool of myself for a guy I spent several years liking? Each time he'd always date another girl right in front of my eyes. (It's so embarrassing to think about. I hate myself for it sometimes) Why didn't I just give up then?????

Why didn't I hate his guts and feel like crushing his brain? I really have no clue at all. All I know is I won't be sweeping the floor for a person who's not willing to do the same thing for me anymore. I'm worth much more than that, and so is anyone else who has wasted their time chasing an asshole.

 Chika x x x