Sunday, November 7, 2010

Through the eyes of a virgin

It's usually so easy for people to talk about not being virgins so openly, or apparently how good their sex life is etc. Some even feel comfortable talking openly about what happens in their bedrooms, when really I couldn't care less.

If it's so easy for people to talk about their sex life, then surely it shouldn't be any worse saying one is a virgin. In the society we live in today it's dull to be a virgin, and perhaps also a shame. If you're placed in a room full of people, you'll probably be "lucky" to find anyone who is still a virgin. It seems everyone has done IT.

Some come back and say it's overrated, and others say they pretty much enjoy it, then there are those who silently regret losing their virginity either too early or to the wrong person.

I and my best friend used to get a lot of shocked gazes when we disclosed that we are still virgins, and no it's not because we haven't had loads of opportunities to be "in with the it crowd", it just the fact that we believe there's more to life than just sex and can't really see what all the fuss is about.

A lot of people vow to themselves that after they have slept with one person they will only keep moving on to the next target, and I personally feel that these people might be dealing with emotional issues. What's good about sleeping around?

I never judge those who have slept with someone, or those who still do sleep with someone, but I usually thank God I haven't because of all the emotional stress it puts people through. Why worry about condoms, birth controls and and unwanted pregnancies when I can be absolutely carefree?

Is it really that important to express love through sex? Is sex the only intimate way of expressing love? My answer: NO. I don't believe it is, but that's just my opinion.

One can say I might wait forever if I really think there's any such thing as The One and that I should probably just hurry and get it over and done with; but I see no rush, I'm only 21, not 90.

Is writing about sex that juicy? Doesn't it just become disgusting and icky after a while?

"You're just a virgin" you might say. "What could you possibly know?" I know that I'm pretty content with myself and that I didn't need to have sex to feel good about myself as a person. I'm in absolutely no need of sexual intimacy to be in a happy place.

Of course, even if I do believe in sex in marriage, one doesn't know the future. But right now I am happy about waiting.

Signed with Love

Chika xxx