Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Failed passport photos

There are a few things in life I will never be proud of, no matter how much I convince myself that they're not that bad. Passport photos or one of the many (and of course class photos from the past, which I am only glad don't come back to haunt me anymore).

I absolutely HATE passport photos. It's like they intentionally blow up your face just to disgrace you once you get to the toll at the aiport and they ask to see your passport. I'm sure they've done training on how not to laugh when they see a really unfortunate passport picture. I mean, the amount of shame I always feel for a couple of seconds when they are checking my passport.

Sometimes I even wonder if they don't just keep it there for the extra seconds just to make your life a living hell!!! Like when they have a look, close it and then decide they hadn't had a good enough look. I mean, passport photos are BLOODY enlarged, what can't you see?????

They probably hear you silently praying for them to hurry up and then keep it there for an extra few seconds. Like "Alright, this one's trying to get away. Let's keep it here for a little while longer and examine it CAREFULLY!".. .

This summer's passport photo was an absolute disaster, and to make matters just a lot worse you're not even allowed to smile either. Who's idea was it to do that?!?!?!? I need their contact details so I can give them a round of scolding.

And then there are those passport photo boots that make you look absolutely hideous, zooming in on all the details in your face. Like anybody wants to see the million zits on their face or their numerous pores. Especially not when they are having a bad enough day already. It just can't get any worse.

If there's one thing I'd agree to, it's being able to both airbrush and edit passport photos. I'm all for that as it would make life a lot smoother for a lot of people.

I can be photogenic, but when it comes to passport photos all that just seems to disappear, and then I'm stuck with this really hideous photo in the end; a photo I'm even afraid to look at, even though it's a photo of myself.

 Chika  x x x x