Sunday, November 21, 2010

Norwegian class for (dummies) beginners O.o

I have not always been the best at understanding questions, and perhaps a lot of people have come to notice that. It's not because I'm stupid, but it might also be because of the way people choose to ask them?..

During my primary school days in one of many Norwegian class sessions (we had to study Norwegian in school, obviously because that is the native language in Norway) I remember we had been given a particular task in our text books:

"Write about something which made you cry with joy"

at the time I had thought it sounded poetic in my head, and perhaps not really understanding the question, but thinking I knew what crying for joy was I quickly wrote:

"When my grandpa died I cried with joy". The teacher who was going around checking what everyone had done so far stopped right above me and went "Oh...Dear(...The rest I guess is history...??)

Next thing you know they were contemplating sending me to Norwegian class (for dummies) beginners where I had to learn the basics in the Norwegian language.

They did however (after a long while of me attending and staring at my crush(at the time)'s hands every session) see that I had no trouble with the language itself or the grammar. My problem was that I would simply misunderstand questions and talk around a subject until I was completely out of point and way into the desert.

I found a cure for it though. Keeping my mouth shut when I didn't know the answer was one of them, and of course not trying to sound knowledgeable and poetic at points when all I really needed to do was ask when I needed help.

Oh yeah..  think I had serious pride issues back in the day. I'd probably be dying for help, but because I didn't want anyone to know I needed help, I'd just keep it to myself, sometimes failing to complete a task correctly because of it.

Good advice?   Never try tackling a task you don't know on your own. If you need help, simply ask for it.

 Chika x  x