Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Skin is Black

I’m an African. Would I ever change my skin colour, my race or the country I come from if I could come back all over again? No. Never. Africa is my homeland, my skin colour is my identity and my country is a part of who I am.

Painting: Ebony - By Ben Mogador

People are quick to judge in today’s society. Rather than doing their own research and searching for the truth, they tend to believe what they have heard and been told. I feel they are passive and automatically get controlled by the thought of that such and such people are bad people, and such and such people are good.

Just like terrorists (to me) are a made up figure. I don’t believe they exist, and believe that the American government just made them up in order to gain more control. The more a minority of people are hated whilst America is involved, the more followers and admirers they (America) gain. They are trying to "stop terrorism” when really they are the ones creating it. I won’t get into that as that is an issue of its own.

My frustration of the amount of people who just decide to take whatever they "hear’s" word for it, is high. They don’t care because it’s easier believing in something which they think has come from the original source than actually getting up and doing research themselves. It’s too hard, they think. It’s easier believing whatever, and that’s why the majority look better than a minority of people who have no say whatsoever and who are portrayed as bad people because of the media, when truly they are just trying to live their lives without trouble.

In movies we're almost always the first to die, always the loudest women, always the people causing trouble in a neighbourhood. What about the succesful black people out there? What about the people who have actually done well for themselves? How many of them do we hear of?

You have Africans, or Nigerians, in my case, all being labelled as fraud/scam people because that’s what “most” of them do. Do you know how many hard working Nigerians there are in the whole of Africa?… How great is the population in Africa for a person to assume that all Africans are involved in fraud.

If Europe is so GREAT why are there so many homeless people living on the street? Why are so many elderly homes filled with people who aren't being cared for and whose families are only waiting for them to die so they can take/inherit their money??

Why are Africans seen as one type of people when our continent is made up of individuals? Just because one person decides to take the wrong turn doesn’t mean all others follow. If you are digging your own grave it’s likely Africans people won’t be in a haste to start digging their graves with you. You take your own fall, and the consequences which follow bad actions.Most of us are loyal, but we love our lives too much to want to take it for anyone.

Africa in itself is a beautiful continent. Again with the research, as most people only think about malnutreated babies, poverty, mud houses and naked people whenever the subject is brought up. COME ON!! Seriously??? I have seen better houses built in Africa than any other place I’ve ever been in Europe. Is that a surprise????

Many Africans are able to smile through poverty and they are not always walking around money-fixated business freaks who care more about making money than what they do of their own families. They take care of their elders and build a future for their youngsters. A majority of them are not driven by greed and selfishness, but love and selflessness.

I traveled back home in 2006 and was amazed at how beautiful everything was. I had once been ignorant and scared of travelling at first, but then, thinking about it, my father was always so good at making Africa beautiful in all the stories he told us when we were younger. They comforted me and I grew up with them. I loved when my father told us bed time stories. I think parts of my love for stories came from my father.

My best friends’ mother had witnessed a lot of the war in Congo from when she was younger, and the books we were given at school only had a narrow, one-sided point of view, not really telling the whole story as it was. She used to get very upset and furious, because that’s the kind of portrayal people would have of Africans. To most we are just a bunch of malnutreated, mud-hut-living, naked scammers. To others who bother doing some research and getting to know Africans as individuals rather than as ” A People”, we’re not so bad.

For racist people who only preoccupy themselves with thoughts about a world without black people, DO you honestly think we're going to disappear so easily??? Learn to accept the fact that just like every other race, we are here to stay. At least it will take a loong while for the black race to die out.

As one of the world’s richest nations where people from other continents actually come down to work, and sometimes come down to kill Africans and take what belongs to them (as it has been for quite a while. Wonder why the media never bothered to tell us about that), we are a vulnerable nation and just as much human as any other nation.

Individuals have got to stop being ignorant, passive and narrow minded. Stop living your life on auto-pilot and wake up to the world. Start looking for information on your own and stop taking everything you read for what it is. Read between the lines. Question, critisize. Only then can you be knowledgeable and only then is it a lot harder to convince you to hate the wrong people.

Africa is where I come from. It is my identity, what makes me into me. Forever in my heart it will be.

Chika x  x x