Saturday, November 27, 2010

Me and my Afro

When I was younger I absolutely hated my own hair. It was painful to comb and I always found myself crying to put in extensions each time my hair was left out. I had dreamt of it being long and silky and would often put a jumper over my head and pretend it was my long hair.

I guess, a few years after I could say that I wasn't aware of how much my hair was worth. It's beautiful in every way and is so unique. My peers used to spend long  hours just touching my hair and wishing they could have hair like that. "It's so soft" some of them would say... "Could I use your hair as a pillow?" Others would ask. So, how come I never saw the beauty in my natural hair??

I think the reason is that living in a predominantly white society, I got used to the majority of people. There weren't too many children who looked like me at the time and it made me question why my skin was different, why my hair was different. All the princesses in the cartoons I used to watch as a child had long, glossy hair, and so did the girls in my school. "Why don't I?" I used to ask myself.

Now, whenever I have extensions in my hair I am dying to let my hair out. I love it when it's natural because I feel free with it. In my first year of college I used to beg my mom to do cornrows in front and leave my hair afro. My view had changed..... so... Do I love my hair? Yes. Would I ever change it? Don't think so. There's diversity in my hair, and it's beautiful to me.

Yes, at times I do put in extensions, but there are reasons for it, and no longer because I despise my hair.  It's cool with different hairstyles once in a while, but not forgetting to appreciate ones own hair. Natural is always the best at the end of the day. 

     Chika x x x