Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Major talent

I've been a member on interpals (an international social penpal network where you can exchange languages with people) for quite a long time now and I've met so many wonderful people, and also learnt a lot of Korean.

I recently got to know this pretty lady

Press the image to go to her blog
Her name is Lewei (樂薇), she's 21 and likes drawing - among the many things she's interested in doing - and recently sent me some of her most recent work. Here are two of my favourites:

Maybebaby © 08 May 2010Medium: alcohol  based ink pens, pencil and watercolors ^^♥♥♥

Lewei Leong © 03 March 2010Fashion Drawing♥♥♥

I think these drawings are hard not to like. I really admire her drawing style. For more of her work you should definitely stop by her blog.

Chika x x x