Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's funny.

It's funny what things you are able to overhear when you are walking down one single road. One particular thing I picked up on was a mother who was having trouble strapping her daughter in with a seatbealt. 

She kept going "Put your seatbelt on!" and after about five times of saying it, the daughter answered in a really loud, yet cute voice "You're making me look STUPID!" and to that the mother replied "You don't need help being stupid!"

Now I know taking care of children isn't an easy task (although I'm not yet a mother, I know all about that!!... ), but "How rude!"

Anyway, I didn't stop to listen to how it all ended. Whether the daughter gave in and her mother finally got her to put on her seatbelt or whether she was unsuccessful. I only giggled to myself from their conversation and carried on walking down the road. 

Chika x x