Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm so plastic. It's fantastic. Have a little look at all my fake assets.

I personally don't have a problem with people wanting to touch up on their photos a little bit. I mean, photo editing is okay, but to a certain extent. In my personal opinion, photo editing has gone too far when the person on the photo starts looking really different from what they do in reality.

There are a lot of airbrushed photos out there, I know that, but you expect to see at least a little of what a person is made up to be, in reality. If what you get in reality is far different from a person's photos, then it's bound to be fake.

Now there's photoshop and most people use it not just to edit their photos, but to make their breasts look bigger, nose look smaller, waist look thinner, bum look bigger and all sorts of things. And when a person is truly happy with the work photoshop has helped them with, they move on to the real thing - plastic surgery.

It's so crazy that millions of girls are jealous of a bunch of photoshopped images and "plastic beauties". What people want now is  plastic, and nobody pays attention to real stuff anymore. In case you didn't know. Nicki Minaj didn't always look like that. (I won't say more)

What's beautiful is what's real, what's inside and what's genuine. Beauty can never really be measured on a scale, simply also because everyone has different views on what beauty is, most of it being distorted. A person is truly beautiful from the inside. No amount of make-up, eye-widening, photoshop or plastic surgery will really make a person truly satisfied until they have learnt to accept themselves.

It's really sad to see people stoop as low as to change the way they look to make it seem like that's really them. There are a lot of good example on the internet, but I don't have to drag them out into the open.

Signed with Love

Chika Anene x