Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting it Twisted!: How embarrassing

When I was about 15 there was this guy (a family friend I suppose) from church who had gotten my name wrong. I hadn't realized at first, so when I heard him call me "Ifi" (my little sister's nickname), I was so surprised and taken aback that I just responded to it (even though I should perhaps have corrected him at the time.... Well.. I tried to, but he kept talking, so I thought I couldn't rudely interrupt him, and on the other hand I didn't want to make him embarrassed for getting my name absolutely wrong.)  

I mean, when someone's that confident that they Know you/your name, you don't want to be the one to burst their bubble. Especially not when they have like a huge smile on their face each time they see you.

There are no similarities between Chika and Ifi whatsoever though, so I wonder how he came to the conclusion that my name was my sister's. I never really got to tell him my name, until one day he heard someone else (I don't remember if it was my mother or not) call me Chika, and then he apologized and I felt like such a ditz because I could have told him from the get go. 

Well, he's not the only one who has gotten people's names wrong. I have too, and the most embarrassing thing is when you are caught out. Like my 1st year on my new course (technically my second year at university), I and my best friend had gone into the 'student shop' to get ourselves something to eat and drink and we met an acquaintance. Good thing to do is to greet, right? So.... 

I went "Oh, hi Neil," and he hadn't really heard what I'd said properly, but perhaps assumed I'd called him by his correct name - My friend quickly went with this are-you-okay expression on her face, "That's not Neil Chika, His name is Daniel." (Yeah.. thanks for letting him know that and saying it right in front of him!!! You could've waited)

How embarrassing, I'd spent two years calling him Neil when his name was really Daniel. I apologized to him and told him I actually thought his name was Neil from the get-go. Why? I DON'T KNOW. 

The same type of event repeated itself when I met one of my Korean friends for the second time. I swear he had said his name was Kanye, and then I had said.... "Oh, you mean like the rapper Kanye?"... and him, not really knowing what I was talking about (Now I totally understand whyyyy!) just looked at me and nodded. He'd probably just let me off because he couldn't be bothered to correct me. 

So, one day I'd decided to text him and ask him if he wanted to meet up and hang out or something... and my text went a little like this "Hi Kanye. This is your number right? Just texting to ask you if you want to hang out sometime soon." - Chika x

His reply was something like this : Hi. I'm Daniel. You are Chika right? Nice to meet you again. (apparently his name is Daniel too :S... what's up with me and getting the Daniel's wrong???). I was so embarrassed and quickly replied:

"I'm so sorry Daniel. I thought for all this time that your name had been Kanye." And then I started thinking about how it could be possible that I'd thought his name was Kanye. Daniel/Kanye, Daniel/Kanye. Do the two even rhyme????..They had obviously done so in my head since I could have mistaken them for each other.. Maybe it had just been the way he had pronounced it that day, or maybe I'm just THAT bad at picking up names. 

Chika x x x