Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guy over girl, Girl over guy

For every tenth girl out there who spends her time crying over a guy, there must be about one guy who spends his time crying over a girl. Now, of course I haven't done any particular research to check if that's actually true, but I took a wild guess on this one.

When a relationship goes wrong, or in other words doesn't work out - a girl tends to shut herself away from the world outside,  sometimes not take a shower for days, perhaps order in loads of take-away, pull the curtains and just sit there, listening to sad music and crying. This can continue for several months before she finally realizes that "perhaps this isn't the end after all" and gets over it.

Some are so bitter that they perhaps vow to themselves that they will never love again, but then you see the same girls with a new guy not so many months after, and that's not necessarily because she didn't like the first guy so much.

Girls are emotional creatures and might even fall for a guy if they are giving them the attention they at times are looking for. It's perhaps easier for a girl to fall for a guy than it is vice versa. Looks might be one of the factors, but it isn't necessarily the only one, besides, every girl has a different perception of what "good looking" is.

I wouldn't blame a girl so much for becoming an emotional wreck if a guy has lied to her and given her the BS about how "it's not you, it's me" (seriously guys, it's getting soooo old) and then a few months later she sees him with another girl. Ouch!

I guess it must have first started with all those Disney movies where they always "lived happily ever after", and that was it. No.."they got divorced after that, honey".. no "Alas the prince cheated on the princess." Those words were unheard of. No wonder most of us spent our time daydreaming about the perfect guy during classes in primary school when we should have been paying attention to the teacher. I know I was certainly one of the many.

All this stuff about not hurting a girls feelings is getting a bit old as well. Their feelings will be hurt once they find out you lied to them to cover up your weak image, and to make yourself look like a good person in their eyes. Come on now. Are you honestly that much of a whimp?

Back when I was bitter I probably would have started writing a book entitled "How to make a guy suffer", but then I realize that no matter how many times a guy hurts me it won't actually stop me from falling for the next one. You might take it that a girl never learns, but sometimes there is actually a reaction when her hand has been in the fire for too long.

Chika  XX