Monday, November 29, 2010

Embarrassmenttttsss never end!

Sometimes I wonder if there's an actual limit to the embarrassments I have to face each day. Yes, since they are there ever so often, I've actually gotten used to them. It's like they are a part of my everyday life. 

I was at Uni today and in one of our sessions. Well, I have actually written about a previous embarrassing episode involving the same lecturer. Turns out he must really think I'm  S.T.U.P.I.D since he was doing the name registry and called one of my course mate's name up. I, thinking she was still on a leave because she had undergone surgery, went "Oh... she's not here. She's at home resting because she's had surgery."

The lecturer looked at me with a bit of a weird expression on his face (*Flashback*.... the time I congratulated him on the birth of his baby son, when it was a baby daughter.) "Uhm"... he said, clearing his throat. "She's right here." He pointed his pen to a computer adjacent to me (we usually use computer rooms for our seminars on Mondays).  Had I been white my cheeks would have been flooded with red. I wanted to dig myself a little hole in the ground and jump into it. 

There I had been acting like I was sticking up for someone who wasn't even absent to begin with. Made me look like an upright fool. Turns out I just hadn't seen her once I'd walked in to the class. 

I was after all already late, seeing as I had taken the lift/elevator to the wrong floor, stopped in front of the wrong room and knocked, expecting them to open. Once one of the guys in the room opened, I realized I didn't know either him or the rest of the class in there. Confused and muttering to myself "I'm in the wrong place, sorry!", I made my way to the right floor and hurried into the room my seminar was being held in. That might explain why I hadn't seen my course mate who I had reported absent even though she was sitting right across from me.  GREAT!

Chika x x x