Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dirty business

I won't get into real bashing, in case I end up in the same position one day (GOD forbid), but it is soo ridiculous how some people are able to jump from one partner to the next within months, or even weeks, or perhaps a few days? (Wait?.. Is that even Possible?????)

I don't understand people who can't rest if they're not in a relationship (so, I can't really understand the way I used to be), and what's even worse is if you are a public figure. A new boyfriend/girlfriend every week??? That's an absolute no no, because it makes you look like a careless "hooker" loser.

I can understand when it's just the media trying to promote some of their "fake" stories, but when it's actually you running around, it's bad!

Does it really make a person feel like a champion  happy that they've been in several relationships within one week? Come on!! It's not like some kind of movie marathon where you're supposed to see how many movies you can flick through in one night, neither is it a magazine where you can flick through pages just the way you like. We're talking about humans with feelings here.

How many times is it possible to tell someone you love them before you've actually found the one?.. The word totally loses its meaning when it's been tossed around a lot.

It makes me so annoyed when the talk of the day is who has a new partner. Especially when it's Miley Cyrus all the time. The media needs to give her a break, and she needs to settle for one person rather than a hundred.

Chika x x