Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deep down there's a girly-girl in every girl

As much as I used to be in denial about it, almost 40% of the stuff I own is pink for some reason. I mean, pink isn't even my favourite colour. Or is it?!?!?! IS it??!??!!? 

I never used to include photos on my blog because they would be mostly ones of myself anyway, and that's because the camera I find takes the best photos is my webcam, and sorry to say, but I'm mostly by myself so therefore there's only me in most of my photos.

I don't carry my camera around with me at all times(it takes ages to snap one shot... I mean like you literally have to smile for like five minutes until you hear a click. That makes my cheeks hurt.

... And as much as I would love to say I'm not a camwhore, I guess I am. (judging from the amount of webcam photos of myself there actually are on my laptop.. I wonder why the memory on my laptop isn't full already.)

I can't really say I'm that bad though. I mean, I don't have to take a picture everywhere I go. There are those who have a picture for like every minute of their lives.... (e.g. *I'm in the bathroom now... *cheese*. ..."I just got a bad grade"... *cheese*

Okay.... so is pink really my favourite colour??????? Let's have a look see.

I don't know. Pink just strikes me as a catchy colour. That's all. I mean, it just looks... super cute, and super.... hot????


I guess we have it then. This entry makes no sense at all.... and I warned you that if there was eveer a post with pictures in it, they would most likely all be of me, and..... I must really love pink..... (yikkkess...* )

Chika xx x