Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creating traffic

One thing I honestly can't stand apart from a lot of things I honestly can't stand - is when you're walking on English pavement (everyone knows English roads are soooo narrow it's unbelievable) and the people walking in front of you are taking their time like everyone in the world has as much time on their hands as they do. It's sooooooooo freaking annoying.

Yesterday, on my way to uni -  and I really like to walk soo fast - I was being held up by these people who were honestly walking in slomo like they were the only people on this earth, just really taking their time. After a few seconds of walking behind them and being slowed down I decided - like any other time I'm being held up - that I couldn't take it anymore, and I yelled "EXCUSE ME... could I get past please?" batting my eyelids ever so innocently at the shocked students who had turned around to look at me. (They had probably never had anyone let them know how slow they were being. But, hey, I wasn't about to get hit by a car for them!)

They let me pass after a little dance because of not knowing how to scatter, and I continued on my way, fast as lightening.

I have nothing against people taking their time, but it's good if they remember that there are other people in this world who really couldn't give a shit about the beautiful, blue sky above them or the flowers in front of them. There are those who JUST want to get to their destination without any hinderances. I am one of those people. I stop to admire things when I've actually got time, and I make sure I'm not in people's way then.

Chika xx