Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cat and the Dog : My little brother and I

When I was younger, people constantly had the impression that I was jealous of my little brother and that I would do anything to make sure I hurt him.

Well.. on one side one could say I felt left out because my little sister was closer to my brother, and would always back him up once we got into huge fights. But I never hated him. Never.


I remember so well how I used to get him into trouble, and that was perhaps the only side of me people saw. The one who let out all my frustrations on my little brother by beating him up..It wasn't always like that.

They never saw the soft side I had toward my brother; the side of me which really cared about him and would protect him at any cost. My mother used to work long hours when we were younger and we were always being baby-sat by our older brother.

One day my little brother was scolded by my older brother for something he had done, and I remember how he cried that day. He always used to cry, complaining that he missed my mom. But that particular day he cried more than he had ever done before, and I sat him on my lap and rocked him to sleep. He was three years at the time, and I was five and a half.


We would always have the weirdest competitions. Like who could cry the most and on demand. We would often listen to sad Michael Jackson songs like "Heal the world" to trigger our crying..

Hahah... I specifically remember getting my little brother in trouble when I was about eight and he was five. We were in our parents' room and I suggested we have a little competition. Farting... the loudest...

.....I won as he eventually peed his pants by accident, and all you could see was a trail of pee running down and unto the floor in our parents room. I laughed so much that day, especially at the expression on my little brother's face. Much like "Oh no. I'm in deep shit."..Even funnier was the fact that only a few minutes later we got into an arguement where I bit him and refused to let go for a while even though he was screaming really loudly. (So perhaps that makes me the dog?)

I love my little brother. And no matter how much people say otherwise, that will never change. :)

Chika  xx x