Monday, November 15, 2010

Can love blossom from a distance?

Recently I kept information to myself and from my friends because I didn't want people to think I was a slut or that I had moved on so quickly from my previous boyfriend. But I'm not a slut, and I haven't exactly forgotten about my last boyfriend, although I think that would be a good thing to do now.

But there's this AMAZING guy, and I have been speaking to him for several months now. Yes, I also spoke to him when I was with my last boyfriend, but it was pure friendship and nothing else. But I started realizing that no one has really paid special attention to me the way he does, and when I talk to him on the phone he listens; he actually LISTENS. Each word I utter is of interest to him, although sometimes I say a lot of things that don't really make any sense.

The only downside to our friendship is that he lives in Korea, but is visiting Canada for a few months to study. I've never met anyone like him. He's funny, kind, attentive, heartfelt, cheerful ..... Did I mention he's funny??? :P ... He makes me laugh and he even bothers sending me e-mails which make me smile.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it's easy to forget your pain when you are smiling or someone is making you happy. He doesn't make me long for him, because he's right there when I need him. I never wait long hours until he answers, and he always calls when he says he will... I really care about him a lot. But recently we spoke about our friendship perhaps turning into something else. I guess only time will tell, but right now I'm thrilled to have such a wonderful friend who is always around.

It's like this magnetic force. :P It's like he can sense when I need to talk, or when I'm feeling down, because he's seriously always there when I need him. :) It's funny, because I have no expectations whatsoever, but if I were to have any, he has met all of them. :P..

The most amazing thing is he still listens to a song I didn't even remember I had sent him. Awww..

 Chika x x x