Friday, October 29, 2010

Sometimes the only way to stop the pain is to let it out

I'm usually a very emotional person, and sometimes the only way to express anger, hurt, love or happiness is through my poems or songs. So, for holding it in for so long, I'll let my poem speak volumes.

I'm outta focus,

and boy you know this.
You had me open,
and now I'm broken.

Just like a book,
you took a look,
you scanned right through,
then closed the book.

I couldn't fake it,
could barely take it,
underneath it all you had me naked.

Nothing to hide,
Put pride aside,
so I could love you. They know I tried.
But I'm tired of trying,
I can't keep crying,
Couldn't take rejection. Kept reapplying.
I should've known this love was dying.

Why aren't you trying?
I just keep sighing.
You were the one. You had me flying,
up in the clouds, I can't come down.
Now someone slapped me. I've hit the ground.

Love's like a drug,
you're high on it,
but when too much, you die from it.
What is this love that makes me sick?
has me wishing my skin was thick,
so I could take more,
I wouldn't break more,
I couldn't run. Couldn't see what they saw.

You know it's you
This is my deepest,
 Can't hide from you. Got no more secrets. 
I'm all alone, now what to do?
Although I run, it's always you.

There might be others,
It's not the same.
We were two lovers. You kept me sane.
Feels like I'm dying from all the pain.

I took the fall, and took the blame.

I should've loved you a little more,
from all the crying my eyes are sore.

Can't let it go,
trying to stop it,
keep me from thinking,
but I can't drop it.
My heart beats faster when I hear your voice,

other than to love you, I have no choice.

I hate when they say "Just let it be",
but they don't know us. They just can't see.
Without the "we" there aint no "me".

- Chika Anene

Signed with Love